Battle for the Pacific

Battle for the Pacific 1.0

Battle of the Pacific is a First- Person shooter game developed by Cauldron HQ
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Cauldron HQ

Battle of the Pacific is a classic First -Person shooter game developed by Cauldron HQ.
This is another game about the Battle of Iwo Jima and the battle of Corregidor, but this time has all the truthfulness, since one of its publishers is the History Channel.

Of course that the scenario is the World War Two. U.S. troops travel by air and sea in search of the victories which defeat the Nazi´s hegemony in the world. Japan, as visible head in Asia, has decided to join forces with the Germans to become the glorious empire that has always wanted to be.

Your character will be a soldier who is sent to fight against the Japanese soldiers.
You will be able to use different kind of weapons and also to be a pilot, you must remember to be always next to your sergeant because if you go away you will have to start over again. This may be somewhat repetitive. Your goal will be to kill every human being of course, following your superior.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are incredible and the scenarios very realistic. The sound effects is good and the soundtrack is suitable.

In conclusion, you will find nothing new in this game.

María Noel Balla
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  • Great graphics and scenarios


  • Somewhat repetitive
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